Promises or lies?

This isn't what Barrow needs

The companies behind the Roanhead resort are Dutch-owned Landal Greenparks and ILM Real Estate Group, which operates principally in Portugal. 

Plans for the resort come from businesses who don't understand the ecosystem of Roanhead and have little comprehension of the local economy around Barrow-in-Furness.

A great deal of money has been spent by these companies to pay consultancy firms for statistics to support their claims. 

The consultants have paid for a company in Manchester to tell our council that their project will create jobs and bring money to the local economy. This is biased information with the sole purpose to make the resort look appealing to our councillors and planners. 

As local people who know the area, it is our job - and our right - to question everything they say.

Barrow's economy is strong. The shipyard is in expansion with 10,000 employees - it's growing so strongly that other local companies are struggling to recruit. We have plenty of jobs to support the local economy.

The hospitality industry in Cumbria is in crisis. We don't have enough people in Cumbria for all the jobs in hotels, holiday parks and restaurants - even without adding to the pressure by letting another resort be built here. This would harm many local tourism businesses who already can't find staff.