how to object

Object online or use our template

Even if you objected in 2023, you need to object again. This is a NEW application so old objections don't count. 

You can object quickly and easily online using our easy objection form

Our online template is here to help you

Please don't copy and paste this letter - but use it to write a version in your own words, with your own experiences and concerns. Please DO include the Local Plan references in your objection. Objections count if they are material planning considerations. That means understanding the size and scale of the new plans, the key details which go against the Local Plan, and the environmental damage which cannot be mitigated against. 

Be sure to mention that although the number of lodges has changed, you still object!

Email your objection to or post to Development Control, Westmorland & Furness Council (Barrow), Town Hall, Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 2LD


If you only have a few minutes, click or tap here to object!

Objection Support Doc.pdf

Objections in 2023 - withdrawn application

There have been many strong objections to the original Roanhead Resort plan. Although the number of lodges has been reduced, many of the points raised in these objections still apply, especially concerning wildlife and habitats. Tap on any of the links below: